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10 Tactics to Changing your life

  • No more people pleasing
  • Getting comfortable with saying NO 
  • The ability to say no is important 
  • Suffering is not an option
  • Respecting yourself and your Word matters
  • Integrity will transform the way you live your life 
  • The power of gratitude 
  • Consistency has power


Faking the Funk of your life does not work. 

Whether you are at the top of the human food chain or the bottom it does not matter.  

Faking the funk, 

Letting fear dictate your moves 

Inability to know what you want in your life and your over 21 driving your crazy good.

Cluttered thoughts, cluttered life has you stuck.  

Great Life so far.  If you ready for something else

I will help, you are in the right place

Lets go 

Create Your Goals and Dreams

You've had these dreams for what seems like a 100,000 years and the only thing that is changing is the cost of living, my serrvices and your age.  

Are'nt you sick of hearing yourself talking about the same old shit and not taking any actions.

Your family is sick of it. 

Your friends are sick of it 

You boss is sick of it

You are sick of it. 

Come on, it's time to take some real action.  Let's go. I am not going to let you just go on and not take action.  


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